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We’ve all grown accustomed to Zoom, Crowdcast, TeamViewer, and GoToWebinar meetings and conferences as a substitute for traveling and engaging with each other face to face. However, they are all poor replacements. Static, with little interaction or involvement with other participants or speakers — it’s no surprise that retention times are low and that “Zoom Fatigue” is mentioned. But, despite its flaws, this new iteration of the old video conference isn’t going away anytime soon, according to the predictions. They will continue to be an important business tool in the future, as the way we work from home or the office has changed forever.

The AIQ Virtual Expo & Conference therefore partnered with the founders of Mytaverse, a platform that, in our opinion, offers the next step forward in virtual communication and networking capabilities, both of which are critical to success in our sector. Mytaverse provides a fully immersive platform that allows users to virtually meet and engage in live webcam-to-webcam chats – all in client-customized 3D surroundings.

To put it mildly, it is an astonishing and intelligent platform. However, it is also enjoyable and amusing, which helps to keep participants’ attention.

See below a demonstration of the platform showing off its features and potential. In total, 24 companies from 12 nations participated, spanning 18 different time zones. Here’s a short video of the demo, as well as some feedback from individuals who took part:

“to SEE other people and figure out who they are, interact with them, and eventually converse with them.” It WAS NOTHING LIKE A Zoom flat screen presentation. It was the best virtual experience I’d ever had.”

“It is undeniably a sophisticated platform where businesses can network and conduct business.”

“It offers a totally new dimension to virtually connecting, with many unique features included into the user experience and design.”

“the product is light years ahead of any other product we have reviewed.”

We can’t change the “new” normal that has been pushed upon us, but Mytaverse allows us to make the best of it. Yes, we will eventually return to our offices, but not all of us, as some will want to work from home if given the option. As a result, we will witness the growth of “hybrid” workplaces, but there will still be a need to bring everyone together and foster a business culture, which Mytaverse addresses.

Similarly, this mindset will influence how future trade events, congresses, and exhibitions are organized in our industry. The cost of attending these events will always be on our thoughts, but now we have to worry about our health and safety as well. As a training facility; to show off your new FBO; to put that eVTOL aircraft to life; or as a virtual sales showroom for either an OEM or dealer, where your aircraft inventory can now be completely displayed in HD 3D immersible versions. Closing the transaction may always entail seeing the whites of their eyes and a strong handshake, but there is a lot that can be done virtually before that, and Mytaverse is the perfect platform for it.

Let us look forward to the future.