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AIQ Congress

Join us in 2022 in exploring the future of AI with the latest ground-breaking networking technology Gathr.


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<2022 AIQ Congress/> Virtual Exhibition & Conference


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Slide Exhibition Halls Give your existing and future clients a warm welcome with an amazing exhibition stand at the innovative 2022 AIQ Virtual Exhibition and Conference. Packed with a great set of speakers and exhibiting halls, the 2022 AIQ has everything you may need for massive lead generation and brand building. < 2022 AIQ Congress />

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Our Exhibition Hall

Circle themed, the exhibition hall for the 2022 AIQ Congress is a completely unique, 3D  designed Metaverse area to allow ample networking, booth traffic and brand visibility.

With numerous audio zones in the stands and on the walkways, delegates can freely bump into each other and chat as they would in the physical world.


Opportunities to



The 2022 AIQ Congress is a great opportunity to showcase your business as an AI & Big Data innovator and thought leader. We'll get you plenty of exposure and raise awareness for your business thanks to the almost unlimited possibilites inside Mytaverse.



Connect with new customers and business partners via personal and professional networking. Our conference/exhibition style allows you to spend as much time as possible with your target audience face-to-face.



Showcase your products and services to industry executives and investors. New projects may be launched, and your business can be associated with cutting-edge AI Big Data technology.


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Exhibit at the 2022 AIQ Virtual Exhibition & Conference this May 24-25


Asked Questions

How exactly does the exhibiting work?

Unlike other virtual fairs which have static displays of exhibition stands, AIQ features a fully immersive, natural booth set-ups. Delegates simply walk up to stands, once they cross the barrier of the booth their audio can be matched with the exhibitors’ and the general event background noise is muted. Thereafter the people inside the perimeter may exchange business cards, talk through webcams or audio-only calls, gesture, shake hands or even download brochures from the tables.

How do I talk with other participants?

You may notice on our images the blue barriers surrounding exhibitors, lounge seats and even in the middle of exhibition halls. There are ‘audio zones’ where anyone who enters can switch on their audio or webcam and talk freely with other delegates inside the zone. Exhibitors have an added advantage of hosting virtual demos and meetings on their 2nd floor, reached by taking the stairs at the back of their stands.

Do you have to 'walk' everywhere?

You may choose to walk through doors and arrive into different exhibition halls and auditoriums, but the platform offers a quick-access teleport menu as well, where you can just simply select your destination and ‘teleport’ for instant arrival.

Can exhibitors brand their stand and Avatars?

Yes, in fact it can be reviewed several times based on the dimensions of graphics exhibitors upload to their stand. We work together on outfitting all of the booths to create the perfect outlook. The same stands for Avatars, you may keep editing how they look up until the last days of the event. Anyone registered with your company email address (e.g. ‘’) will have the same branded Avatar when they log in, so you don’t have to worry about your delegates missing the branded ‘clothing’!

What are the costs associated with exhibiting/sponsoring?

There is only a single charge related to exhibiting/sponsoring which can be found in the Sponsorship Kit. No other charge is incurred that would be the natural case when physically exhibiting e.g. traveling, shipping&logistics, printing, accommodation etc. Exhibitors also save big on time as leads gathered at the event can instantly connect via LinkedIn, watch promo videos, download brochures and interact with sales people on-site, fast-tracking the sales process.

What options do exhibitors have for branding?

The options are limitless, but constrained by budget. The platform provider can design whole offices, airplanes or any other machinery or anything really in the virtual world but it takes time and hence costs associated. In the sponsorship kit we detail the most common branding options such as large and small stands that include several video display automatically playing when someone approaches, tabletops that include floating icons delegates can click on and receive the PDF in their virtual bag; and several large and smaller advertising spaces such as floor markings, hanging wall banners, large displays at the end of the hall and even smaller roller-banners across the foyers.

How do sponsored speaking slots work?

Just like in the real world, our chairman announces each speaker with their topic and welcomes them on stage as they ‘phsyically’ walk up the stairs and move in front of the audience. We have several teams who prepare all speakers before their session is approaching, so audio and video-wise they are fully equipped. Once this is done they are teleported automatically in the front row, where all they have to do is walk up the stairs with their arrows to begin the presentation. Our auditoriums offer several large displays showcasing the webcamera of the speaker, the presentation slides and even the questions being asked. Audience members can choose to click on any one of the screens to enlarge it to full size, or keep watching the session with everything display all at once. At the end we allocate Q&A time for each speaker, after which a round of applause follows by hitting the letter ‘C’!

What if there are too many interested attendees at my booth?

In the instance too many delegates accrue near a booth it is advisable to move slightly towards the back of the small booth where a separate audio zone is located. This allows 2 simultaneous conversation to take place. In the case of the large, 2 floor exhibition stand there are 3 audio zones created. Finally, the center stand which will be available in the centermost of the halls has 4 audio zones for seated conversations and 1 extra for larger group discussions, offering the most amount of lead-gathering opportunities. In addition, each exhibition hall also has lounge seats in the corners which may be occupied by any of our attendees for private discussions.

Is there a pre-event coordination test-run?

We are planning with 2 pre-event test runs for speakers and exhibitors alike. But given the strenght of the platform servers delegates wishing to join can also hop in for a quick tour. These will be announced closer to the event and allows face-to-face questions from the exhibitors and also a demo tour of all exhibiton halls and anything related to ensure a smooth start as the event begins.

What is the on boarding process?

The servers of the platform are the strongest available, nonetheless we’ll allocate different time-slots for entering on Day 1: exhibitors first for setting up and getting their bearings, speakers and media partners second, followd up blocks of of 100-150 delegates in each 5-10 minute interval. This will ensure a great deal of monitoring for server fluctuations and a smooth onboarding process.

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