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Join us in 2022 in exploring the future of AI with the latest ground-breaking networking technology Gathr.


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<2022 AIQ Congress/> Virtual Exhibition & Conference


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Early Bird Registration Officially Opened for the 2022 AIQ Virtual Exhibition & Conference

Kurzweil states: “2029 is the consistent date I have predicted for when an AI will pass a valid Turing test and therefore achieve human levels of intelligence.”

This corresponds with the latest research showing that the booming artificial intelligence and machine/deep learning market will reach $641 billion by 2028 (from just $50 billion in 2021). That is a CAGR 36% (annually!) increase in the next few years fueled by private equity and corporate investment.

We’re expecting an audience of 250+ AI senior management directors in each of our 4 streams (Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telco), all welcomed by our 100+ speaker panel. For the first time it is possible to have face-to-face networking in the metaverse powered exhibition halls and conference rooms, custom branded Avatars, interactive booths with video displays on LCDs, private meeting rooms and finally the ability to have truly authentic virtual conversations

The 2022 AIQ Congress will be the largest metaverse gathering of AI senior decision makers. So what’s included in the early bird rate?

Full access to Expo Halls

  • meet & greet, audio zones, download brochures, watch videos
  • connect with other delegates and meet our exhibitors
  • Exhibitor database: brochures, descriptions, direct chat contacts

Full access to All Auditoriums

  • 4 tracks in total (Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telco)
  • crossable at any given time with teleporting
  • Q&A with speakers at the end of each session
  • Interactive panel debates: questions from the audience drives the discussion

Avatar branding according to your preferences (logo + colors)
Access to Global and Private Chat: send message to any participant for a quick meet-up
Ability to teleport to any participant
Invitation to Virtual Cocktail Party after last session on Day 1
Post-event presentations in PDF format
Post-event delegate list with contact details
Post-event recordings uploaded to cloud, re-watch any time
Invitation to private LinkedIn group: post-event photos & videos, 2023 dates, first agenda, best discounts and other features posted first into group

Don’t miss out, for the first time it is possible to meet & network face-to-face in the digital world through custom-created Avatars and listen to presentations sitting among peers just like in the physical world, from the safety of our homes and workplaces.