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2022 AIQ Virtual Exhibition & Conference

The 2022 AIQ Virtual Exhibition & Conference is a two-day virtual conference that will include exhibit halls, vendor booths, and a conference. As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, which has had a significant impact on the AI industry, several in-person trade events in Europe & US have been canceled. But we know there is a definite demand for people to come back together.

As a result, we have partnered with Mytaverse to bring you the next generation of safe, virtual networking. Mytaverse’s platform, according to Brian Kean, is “an ecosystem that cherry-picks the best-in-class technologies out there to most efficiently produce a seamless user experience.” Unlike other virtual reality (VR) experiences, Mytaverse is built on a game engine called Unreal Engine. As a result, the UI is easier to use and does not have as steep of a learning curve. Furthermore, anyone from anywhere may access the platform and begin communicating with clients and other exhibitors right away.

While Zoom has a place in a post-pandemic world, the biggest difficulty is that it is mostly static, so there is no ability to interact with people in the same way that you would if you went to an in-person trade expo. We need something where you could traverse the halls of the trade show and if you bumped into somebody, you could have a conversation. Brian concurs, stating that “the 2D impact of staring at a flat-screen, and not being able to immerse yourself in the debate, to share visual and spatial commonality, limits the overall usability of programs like Zoom.”

Another way Mytaverse intends to accomplish this is through the use of Spatial Sound. The loudness changes depending on the distance from the speaker, which is explained as an attempt to essentially reproduce how natural sounds would sound in a huge room. This is fantastic because on a virtual platform, you cannot have everyone speaking at the same volume or there will be chaos. He goes on to say that there are other parts on the platform that act as private spaces where only those who are linked can hear one other. “That private talk will stay private.”

AIQ intends to provide exhibitors with a variety of possibilities for displaying their products and promoting their brand. A’small booth,’ which works as a single room, is the most affordable alternative. It is designed for two persons and has a welcome desk in the front and a video monitor in the back to display corporate videos. There is also a salesman space adjacent to the reception desk, where you may project holographic pictures of any business product. The blue ‘electric fence’ outside the booth makes the place private and intimate. Finally, a digital download icon allows prospective customers to save promotional brochures or spec papers to their digital briefcase. It contains additional information that may be viewed later, much like a real briefcase.

Then there’s the’standard booth,’ which has two stories. The ground floor is intended for more casual conversations, but the exclusive area upstairs remains the showpiece. The area facilitates more in-depth interactions by providing options for screen sharing as well as displaying video and PowerPoint presentations.

The true show-stopper, though, is AIQ’s “centrepiece booth.” An area of focused attention, in the middle of the expo floor with a larger stand allowing more attendees to flow through and increase leads for the exhibitor.

We are optimistic about the benefits of virtual conventions: “Everything that we would have hoped to do in a face-to-face trade exhibition, we can achieve virtually online.” Naturally, the difference comes at a fraction of the cost.” Previously, exhibitors would have to ship in their booth stands. Companies had to factor in the added cost of erecting the physical booth, as well as insurance, accommodation for their sales & marketing people and more, making the return on investment (ROI) rather debatable.” The virtual platform aims to offer a strong alternative to the old pricey manner, with the virtual showroom allowing exhibitors to achieve roughly 95 percent of the same lead generation?

In addition to hosting trade exhibits, Mytaverse can be used as a training simulation to evaluate and instruct new hires who need to become more familiar. Another possibility is to use the platform as a virtual business library that customers and salespeople may access at any time and from any location.

AIQ, on the other hand, faces a few hurdles as a first-time event. Part of the problem is that many companies continue to have reservations about virtual events. After using Zoom or other virtual platforms and finding them unsatisfying, the majority of individuals have decided to avoid them. As a result, AIQ is now focusing on re-engaging these people with a virtual medium by emphasizing Mytaverse’s unique selling point of creating an immersive world.

Fortunately, enrolling in AIQ is an easy process. Simply go to their website,, and click on the register option. The event is free to attend thanks to the recent move to gratis entrance.

Despite the uncertainties, AIQ has decided to accept the challenge and put on the event – “to try to be leaders, not followers.”